2021 Joint exhibition, Priener KunstZeit 2021, Prien am Chiemsee
2021 Solo exhibition, City Museum Freilassing, Altes Feuerwehrhaus, Freilassing
2021 Permanent exhibition, “Bathing in colors”, RuperthusTherme, Bad Reichenhall
2020 Joint exhibition, Art for a better world, Salzburg festival, Salzburg, (Austria)
2020 Permanent exhibition, “Bathing in colors”, RuperthusTherme, Bad Reichenhall
2020 Joint exhibition, “Body Scan” – open annual exhibition, Traunstein Artists‘ Association, Burg Tittmoning
2020 Regular “Open Exhibition-Studio Jakob Lang”, Oberteisendorf
2020 Joint exhibition, Online-Spring Exhibition, Traunstein Artists‘ Association
2019 Special exhibition, Art Cooperation High Light & Jakob Lang, D-Loft, Panzerhalle Salzburg, (Austria)
2019 Arts Evening “Burning HeART“, different types of art, Exhibition-Studio Jakob Lang, Oberteisendorf
2019 Solo exhibition, Kreativnest, Freilassing
2019 Regular “Open Exhibition-Studio Jakob Lang”, Oberteisendorf
2019 Joint exhibition “KünstlerMixTape 2.0”, Vernissage, concert, theatre, poetry slam…, Rosenheim
2018 Guest artist, OM Arts International, Incarnate
2018, Isola del Gran Sasso (Italy)
2018 creativeALPS Days
2018 at the Exhibition-Studio Jakob Lang – Bayrischzell – Gmund in Miesbach
2018 Arts Evening “Burning HeART“, different types of art, Agape church, Freilassing (also in 2017 and 2016)
2017 Opening of the Exhibiton-Studio Jakob Lang, Oberteisendorf
2017 Exhibition participation, Derix Glasstudios – nie tylko witraże, Centrum Dziedzictwa Szkła Krosno (Poland)
2016 Joint exhibition, 150th Anniversary, Derix Glasstudios, Taunusstein
2016 Joint exhibition, open annual exhibition, Traunstein Artists‘ Association (also in 2015 and 2014)
2016 Open Studio Days, Studio Adelstetten, Municipal Gallery, Traunstein (also in 2014)
2015 Invitation to joint exhibition, Hope Culture, Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart
2015 Project of Chiemgau Cultural Days: Artists‘ Flags, Traunstein Artists‘ Association
2015 Joint exhibition, Spring Exhibition, Traunstein Artists‘ Association
2014 Invitation to joint exhibition, 50th Anniversary of Rottmayr-Gymnasium (grammar school), Laufen
2014 Solo exhibition, Polaroid, “Art is not Impossible“, Impossible Partner Store, Munich
2014 Solo exhibition, Sana Klinikum, Offenbach
2013 Traveling exhibition “Word Practical“, St. Margaret Chapel (in St. Peter), Salzburg (Austria)
2013 Solo exhibition, Ophthalmic Hospital, Aschaffenburg – Alzenau Wasserlos
2012 Solo exhibition, Art and Jazz, Old Brewhouse, Bad Reichenhall
2011 Guest lecturer, Catholic University of Eichstätt with Arts Field Trip to Civitella (Italy)
2011 Solo exhibition, I-finance, Munich
2010 Solo exhibition, Town Hall of Mitterfelden
2009 Solo exhibition, electoral district office of Dr. Bärbel Kofler, Member of the German Bundestag, Traunstein
2009 Art in public spaces – Art by the river (Hammerau Art Mile), Title: “Woman kissing shoe”
2009 Large-sized wall artwork, Agape church, Freilassing
2009 Traveling exhibition “Word Practical”, Agape church, Freilassing
2008 Traveling exhibition “Word Practical”, state-run Casino, Bad Reichenhall
2008 Open Studio Days, Ainring Artists’ Association
2008 Exhibition District of Berchtesgaden, initiator and co-organizer, Upper Bavarian Government
2008 Solo exhibition, Medical-Educational Center, Munich
2007 German-Polish Symposium, Bad Reichenhall, Freilassing
2007 Solo exhibition, Triangel, Salzburg (Austria)
2006 Solo exhibition, Gallery Café Shakespeare, Salzburg (Austria)
2006 Invitation to Polish-German Symposium, Belchatow, participation University of Łódź (Poland)
2005 Joint exhibition “Ramasuri”, Town Hall of Mitterfelden
2005 Solo exhibition, Physio-House, Freilassing
2005 Solo exhibition, Guldsmeden Kolding (Denmark)

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